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Dear Friends and Followers,

we hope everyone has started out 2014 with excitment and positive news. Well we certainly have!! You might have thought we went down the rabbit hole but on the contrary we have evolved!

Yasha Young has been appointed Director of a new international Contemporary Art Project to be built in Berlin. So our Strychnin Gallery scale naturally out-grew our space. You will find the same spirit, the same team but with new challanges and stunning new projects starting March 2014 with PROJECT M/!!!

Follow our blog for updates and our facebook and instagram pages for details on how to get in touch in the future and sign up at

We are sold booked until summer of 2015 but will accept submission for future projects trough the new website.

Thank you for the past 10 years and welcome to the next level of dreaming and creating.

Yasha Young and Crew

New Show


a group show with: Mimi S., Tom Bagshaw, Ruben Ireland, MIa Makila, Hsiao Ron Cheng, Chris Von Steiner, Thomas Robson, Sergio Albiac and Alessia Cocca

in the vault : AlexP

Opening 15th of November 2013 at 7 p.m.

PIXEL PORTRAIT is an exhibition dedicated to a selection of international artists sepcializing in the field of digital art.

During the past decade digital art has gained acknoweledgement in the contemporary art world. Digital artworks are becoming more recognized in the art market and will surely be a defining movement in art history. Yet, the idea that digital art is inferior to «traditional» art will always remain.Digital painting, precisely, is a term many don't seem to grasp; «painting can't be done with computer software», is a general assumption. Is cinema and photography not art, then? One must apply the same rules to all art forms.

There's constantly a hint of skeptism and judgement that underlines the blic opinion on digital art. Yet, we're hopeful to believe that digital art will gain acceptance in the same manner  electronic music is regarded no «less music» than to traditionally produced music.

The exhibition will display eight artists with their digital interpretations of portrait paintings. Strychnin Gallery is proud to exhibit individuals who not only posses the skill to «work on the computer», but also a very special artist, Sergio Albiac, who writes the computer programs which to create his artworks. As he puts it, “For me, it is a way to integrate the whole creation process; like the old masters that produced their own oil painting from pigments... but with a XXI century medium”.

New Show


31.10.13 to the 03.11.13

booth 104

Featured artists: David Hochbaum, Mimi S., Daniel Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, ABCNT, Roland Berry, Mikael Takacs, Raemann, Marcus Poston, Ruben Ireland, Luisa Catucci, Wee Flowers, Nicomi Nix Turner and many more

Come and visit us!

New Show


October 10th -13th, 2013

booth 1780

Featuring: Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Doktor A, Mimi S., Brack Kustom Graphics, Daniel Van Nes, Katya Tal, Kasey Tararuj, Absurd Toys and many more

New Show

NEPHELOCOCCYGIA, a solo show by David Hochbaum:

Opening 13th of September 2013 at 7 p.m.

In Aristophanes’ comedy “The Birds,” an imaginary city built in the clouds at the instigation of two Athenians represented both a fantastic caricature of Athens in the poet's day and a sort of Philistine Utopia: full of gross enjoyments, hence, in literary allusion, cloudland- “fools' paradise”.

A fools paradise in the clouds- is that where we’re going when we search the clouds for familiar objects? This action, coined precisely in Aristophanes’ play, is called Nephelococcygia. The two athenians, Pisthetaerus and Eulpides, were fed up with the corruption that governed their city. Hence, they decide to turn into birds in search of a better home. They call this city, “Nephelococcygia”.

With the aid of friends turned birds, they make it their duty to create an ideal, flawless city- “fools paradise”. The city never comes into existence; it remains a fragment of their imagination. The birds are ostraziced as crazy. In german the termn is known as Wolkenkuckucksheim, literally “cloud cuckooland”.

For New York based artist, David Hochbaum, these are the questions he wants to explore through his recent work he did for his solo show at Strychnin Galerie, opening on the 13th of September 2013. Although technology facilates our daily lives and enables us to reach out to others, it seems like with every battle won, we lose two. Is our society in search of a better surroundings- are we in need of a fools paradise?


Strychnin Galerie will be unveiling Marco Mazzoni’s and Saturno Butto’s latest series of works. A beautiful selection of studies, drawings and illustrations. Small in size, big in excecution. This is an opportunity to experience the artists in a different context- behind the scenes, “underneath” the painting.

New Show

All (My) Stars, Strychnin's 10th year Anniversary show with:

David Hochbaum, Mandy Tsung, Pisa 73, Monika Viktoria, Naomi Nowak, Alaric Hammond, ABCNT, Colin Burns, Allen Douglas, Mimi S., Hsiao Ron Cheng, Miss Mindy, Miss Van, Archer Dougherty, Kristen Ferrell, Chris Dean, Dilka Bear, Liz McGrath, Nomi Chi, David Stoupakis, Marina Bychkova, Virginie Ropars, Sophie Bastien, Wee Flowers, Redd Walitzki, Chris Collins, CarolinaToscano, Daniel Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, Miraschi, Ocoze, Cliff Wallace, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Bethany Marchman, Christian Rothenhagen, Christine Polis, Doktor A., Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, Fancois Escalmel, Luisa Catucci, Benjamin Vierling, Jon Jaylo, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Yosuke Ueno, Chet Zar, Seiko Kato, Lydia Dekker, Erica Rose Levine, Kris Kuksi, Sonya Fu, Brian Horton, Adam Oehlers, Yoko D'Holbachie, Scott Holloway, Monique Ligons, Greg Haberny, Elmer Presslee, Mark Ryden, Scott Radke, Bijoux, Katya Tal, BORIS+NATASCHA, David Thierree, Marcus Poston, Chris von Steiner, Nathalie Shau, Jason Limon, Marco Rea, Niark1, Chris Brett, Carisa Swenson, Richard Kirk, Hara Katziki, Nanami Cowdroy, Nick Sheehy, Sean Pierce, Ver Mar, Saturno Butto’, Annie Bertram, Heather Gargon, Jbak, Meredith Dittmar, Kathryn Carr, Eliza Bolli, Akiza, Virginia Mori, Leila Ataya, Robert Tirado, Nom Kinnear King, Forgotten Hearts, Chris Guarino, Citron Rouge, Kasey Tararuj, Maria Rubinke, Wolfgang Petrick, Lola, Scott Hove, Fernanda Veron, Squp, Ben Godi, Duma, Louis Fleischauer, ELLE, Sit, Reka One & many more

Opening 16th of August 2013 at 7 p.m.

A decade has passed, ten marvelous, eventful and hard- working years. The number ten is a significant figure in our history:
There were the 10 commandments of course and for philosopher Pythagoras 10 was the symbol of the universe and it expressed the whole of human knowledge. In Numerology,10 stands for change as well as luck and a cycle completed leading to new beginnings. So in the spirit of history in the making let's celebrate the beginning of a whole new era of Strychnin Gallery and it's transformation, the events and milestones of the years passed that contributed to this
amazing journey.
Our TIN (pun-intended!) year anniversary symbolizes unity, loyalty and perseverance and this is precisely what we want to celebrate. Strychnin Gallery would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with and “raise a glass” to all of its stars that made our work worth it and that keep shining bright and rising steadily. 
The fabulous team of "All Stars” and the amazing newcomers; our "Shooting Stars” that have been showing with us, supporting and following us for this memorable decade. It’s the perfect year, not only to commemorate this milestone, but even more, to thank these creative individuals who played a part in making Strychnin the gallery and experience it has become.
Last but not least we would like to invite and thank our following of collectors and press including all journalists and PR agencies as well as friends, supporters and collaborating galleries, institutions and curators. We are grateful to have worked with you and continue to do so - this is a show of gratitude for your ongoing support and an invite to join us for this beautiful night. 
For this extraordinary milestone birthday exhibition, “All (my) Stars” , opening the 16th of August at Strychnin Berlin we will, not only show brand-new works, but will also feature Yasha Young’s personal collection and the gallery’s inventory. Thus, making it a walk through our past and an insight into our future.

New Show

"The Monster's Lullaby" a group show with:

Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Cliff Wallace, Leslie Ditto, Kasey Tararuj, Rsinart, Nomi Chi, Niark, Citrone Rouge, Carisa Swanson\Goblin Studio, Lydia Dekker, Annie Bertram, Chris Brett and many more

Opening 19th of July 2013 at 7 p.m.

The groupshow, “Monster’s Lullaby”, opening doors on July 19th, will focus on current (and future) trends in illustration, sculpture and graphic art based on the art of character design. Plentiful artists develop characters as to bring to life what their expansive imagination has in storage. Most characters are reminiscent of famous personalities from animated films, cartoons and series. The art of character design is visible everywhere today, especially in the commercial world. They inspire  fun commercial spots to trendy fashion prints. Why do these amiable characters evoke such empathy in our culture?  In this day and age, where attention is currency, the need for effective communication through instantly recognizable designs has achieved its highest level to date.

They obviously stand out from every other mass-media imagery and this is the reason why Strychnin Gallery will be hosting a show entirely of characters, better yet monsters! However, not grotesque ones, but those friendly, soft, yet a tiny bit dark creature mentioned above.
We have selected a group of international artists that focus on sculpting, illustration, painting and design. They are Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Cliff Wallace, Leslie Ditto, Kasey Tararuj, Rsinart, Nomi Chi, Niark, Celine Rouge, Carisa Swanson\Goblin Studio, Maria Rubinke, Lydia Dekker, Annie Bertram and Chris Brett.

New Show

"Kingdoms of Twilight and Magic" a group show with:

Marina Bychkova, Virginie Ropars, Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, David Thierree, Forgotten Hearts, Christine Polis, Katya Tal, Chris Guarino, Allen Douglas, Ana Bagayan and many more

Opening 10th of May 2013 at 7 p.m.

We remember the first time we decided to feature art dolls in an exhibition; that was over six years now. Strychnin Gallery saw potential in this genre and we followed our instinct. We weren’t wrong; since then the art of doll-making has gained such a grand following within the past few years that we’re so happy to keep discovering newcomers. This year, though, we will not only present dolls, but we will feature artists whose work invites the audience to get lost in old European folklore and fairytales, serving  as backdrops for the dolls.

For the exhibition, titled “Kingdom of Twilight and Magic”, opening on May 10th, Strychnin will feature some of the most coveted fantasy artists. The fantasy world, once traditionally kept to book illustration and movies, has branched out and linked with the art world and we’re so proud to be part of this process.

More and more artists have established themselves as doll makers and it’s grown to a truly worldwide community; and why not? These are highly talented artists, so multidisciplinary that only through this medium can they incorporate their vision of fashion design, sculpture, illustration and character design.  Thus, many of these artists also work in film and animation production; “bringing to life” what other can only imagine. This we wish to present the audience with the unravelling of “Kingdoms of Twilight and Magic”; an insight into the world of fantasy production, a place where dreams can come to life in the form miniature sized “movie-set”, where the viewer can take a journey “behind-the-scenes”, paying respect to the likes of Jim Henson, George Lucas, Brian Froud, Loreena McKennith, J.M.Barrie,Terry Pratchett, to name a few.

New Show

"THE WOODS" a group show with:
Ocoze, Adam Ohlers, Sonya Fu, Erica Rose Levine, Heather Gargon and Dilka Bear

Spring is the time of the seasons; the time of re-birth and coming to life. Spring tends to put a smile on ones’ face. Why? Because spring is fresh, lively and gentle. When all things were thought dead and we’ve given up on hope, Spring stretches her hand just before we fall. She takes us wandering into her woods that she has nurtured throughout the winter. Spring is a time of awakening and re-discovery; our brains and eyes hungry for the unimaginable, for crisp colors and for stimulating experiences.

Strychnin Gallery will become Spring, in all her magnificent and lavish imagination. We want to take you on a stroll into the deep woods along a path leading nowhere, yet this doesn’t bother us because we’ve entered a world of exceptional Flora and Fauna. In roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowers and springtime and Fauna was one of the prophetic gods. As Flora and Fauna united to foresee the coming of the equinox, so they will venture with us into these allegorical and unheard of woods.

The gallery has single handedly picked out Ocoze, Adam Ohlers, Sonya Fu, Erica Rose Levine, Heather Gargon and Dilka Bear to present us what we think we can only imagine. These meticulous artists have worked on pieces that depict hybrid creatures and other beings coming from these woods. They carve out with grace and affection giving birth to the most bewildering critters and individuals unseen.

New Show

"THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY, a visual journey inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream by day”, opening doors on the 15th of March at Strychnin Gallery, celebrates the imagination and oeuvres of the great Edgar Allan Poe.

The mysterious man, whose life was short and filled with tragedy, left behind one of the most admired, questioned and influential literary body of works.

While alive, his writings were ostracized and put under heavy scrutiny; many denied reading his publications. However, the public did yet not realize that Poe was profoundly ahead of his time. A pioneer of the gothic, macabre and thriller genre, he paved way for many detective-story authors to come.

Poe’s popularity soared after his seemingly suicidal death on the 3rd of October, 1849, especially through French avant-garde writers and artists in the late 19th century. Finally, many came to understand and appreciate the psychological depth he sought to convey through his emphasis and curiosity of the dark, imaginative and “strange”. Multitudes were not only intrigued by his ingenious mind, but desired to understand his source of inspirations and meaning of his work.

Thus, over the course of time, more and more distinguished artists have hoped to be associated with and emulate his writings through the visual medium.

Strychnin Gallery wants to re-establish this admiration for Poe and thus was “Those Who Dream by Day” born. A handful of international artists were gathered and given a short story by Poe to take inspiration from. The pieces displayed will transcend only the personal connection and interpretation that each artist has to their given story. Making the gallery walls into a visual library of Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy.

The artists involved will be; David Hochbaum, Kathryn Carr, Daniel Van Nes, Luisa Catucci, Bethany Marchman, Eliza Bolli, Joey Remmers, Yann Gobart, Akiza, Virginia Mori, Loredana Catania, Saturno Butto, Hara Katsiki, Danny van Ryswyk, Ufocinque, Lola, Leila Ataya, Robert Tirado, Nom Kinnear King, Nick Sheehy, Mandy Tsung, Seiko Kato and many more.

New Show

It’s the year 2013, if you’re reading this Earth has shockingly survived the Mayan prediction and prophetic date of December 21st, 2012. Since this is being written in the past, it’s not certain what has happened to humankind. Did Earth collide with planet X? Or was the cataclysm of 2012 a positive physical and/or spiritual transformation for humanity. Be as it may, hopefully this day will mark the beginning of a new exciting era.

Appropriately, the Strychnin Gallery thought about the possible consequences of this event and concluded that an advisory show must be made: ATTENTION EARTH! A show that presents viewers what is yet to happen or what has already come...
Strychnin Gallery wanted to pay tribute to one of our favorite apocalyptic forecasts; the extraterrestrial invasion! The year 2013 celebrates the 60th anniversary of two 1950’s sci-fi classics: H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds and Invaders from Mars. An artistical and aesthetic admiration that only this era and genre can boast about are their iconic poster artwork. Put two and two together and so was born a show that will immortalize not only the making of these films, but also the following of all sci-fi and space life believers.

For one month, we will be home to exclusive renditions of cult classic interpretations of alien-life, unidentified flying objects, laser guns, tripods and weapons of mass destruction. Instead of shying from the unavoidable invasion, we have brought the invasion to our premises! The artists involved took inspiration from the aesthetics of all promotional and cinematographical work of this cinematic generation.

The featured artists are: Meredith Dittmar, Seymour, Mimi S., Derek Nobbs, Yoko d'Holbachie, Mark Alfrey, Cliff Wallace, Eugene Plotnikov, Nicolas Le Brogne, Joe Fenton, Carlos Valenzuela, Chris Dean, Serge Gay Jr, Monique Ligons, Tom Lewis, Elmer Presslee, Matt Gordon, Skeleton Herth, Harry Brack and many more

New Show

DOKTOR A. New Vinyl Toy!

We have the last of the new special edition toy “BELLA DELAMERE” by The fabulous Doctor A. !!! This amazing vinyl toy is SOLD OUT! everywhere except these last few remaining at Strychnin Gallery!!!

For more info please write to:

New Show

Now, berlin artist, Christian Rothenhagen, will bring us “back to the roots” and delight us with a new medium of staying up to date: the drawing. We have long forgotten this mean, by which our forefathers wrote, archived and revisited hisotry. Strychnin will exhibit Mr. Rothenhagen’s depiction of the streets of Berlin, but we will also offer viewers to look through the eyes of this artist and visit the cities of San Francisco and Toronto.


New Show

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Another year has passed. A year filled with amazing experiences, challenges and great successes.We have you to thank for your support and creativity and are wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful, peaceful and joyful holiday season.
We are excited to meet you again in a happy 2013!

Warmest wishes Yasha Young and Team

New Show

As the year comes to an end, Strychnin Gallery saved the month of Decemeber for a special exhibition, Metropolitan. Metropolitan is an important rendition of today’s developement. With the passing of each moon, we become more united with the world surrounding us.

Thanks to technology, we are able to stay in contact and keep up to date with people and events 16099.88 km away from us.

Now, berlin artist, Christian Rothenhagen, will bring us “back to the roots” and delight us with a new medium of staying up to date: the drawing. We have long forgotten this mean, by which our forefathers wrote, archived and revisited hisotry. Strychnin will exhibit Mr. Rothenhagen’s depiction of the streets of Berlin, but we will also offer viewers to look through the eyes of this artist and visit the cities of San Francisco and Toronto.

The space will become an album, displaying images “frozen in time”. It will be like looking  through a traveller’s personal snapshots; something so intimate, which is emphasized by the unusual angles Christian Rothenhagen chooses to admire and bring to life. His special eye enables him to pick corners of otherwise unstriking places and through his delicate line technique transform them into aesthetic wonder-spots. With this collection, Christian is opening up his personal journal and letting us get lost in his world.

Moreover, Christian enbled an array of other artists to display their works, aswell. Strychnin Gallery will present a groupshow, curated by Mr. Rothenhagen himself. The concept is to collect and exhibit interpretations of urban landscapes by different artists and cherish the diversity of our society. There will be over thirty international artists participating.

Christian will also be releasing his new book; a limited edition on 150 copies , signed and numbered, box-set that comes with a CD and sticker. The venissage will be on the 7th of December at 7 p.m. and the show runs until the 2nd of February.

New Show

“Requiem: Caretakers of the Garden of Stars” is an exhibition of collaborative paintings by North American artists David Hochbaum and David Stoupakis.

The artists first met in New York City in 2004 to discuss a two-man show of their individual works. Since then, they have become very close friends, meeting often to discuss and share ideas about technique, art history and survival in New York.

The concept of creating an all collaborative show has been on their minds since 2004 after they created their one and only collaborative piece for their joint showcase. Over the years, David and David’s work has held many common threads, sharing ideas of memory, death, and beauty. Their approach to media remains in high contrast to one another while containing an atmosphere and aesthetic that compliments, mimics and speaks to one another.
In 2011, Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, aware of the potential of a tandem effort, offered their venue to present a body of work entirely worked on by both artists. The Davids converged over the past year to create a collection of paintings revolving around the idea of the mystery of the passing of souls from earthly bodies to the heavens.

In Requiem, David and David assembled a cast of players for a Mass For The Dead. These characters are the inhabitants of the garden of stars that lay before the kingdom of heaven. They are portraits of guides that one may encounter as the soul enters the realm of purgatory. Some are frightening, others being passive and gentile depending on the state of the soul which enters the land of the dead.This exhibition is a rare opportunity to view an entire body of collaborative work created by these two very accomplished artists.

IN THE VAULT: Katrin Rodegast

Katrin Rodegast is an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. In her studio she creates paper art as well as tactile-illustrations made of many different materials such as fabric, metal, objects etc. She produces illustrations for editorials and magazine covers like the New York Times Magazine. Katrin’s "Soft Cover", recently won several prices such as ADC Talent of the Year, Red Dot Design Award, Adobe Design Achievement Award and the Blooom Award, amongst others.

New Show

Strychnin Gallery at ART FAIR in Cologne

Strychnin Gallery at Art Fair in Cologne, from the 1st of November until the 4th of November!

Booth number: 105

Staatenhaus am Rheinpark
Auenweg 17
50679 Cologne

New Show

Dear Friends and Followers,
Strychnin Gallery is proud to announce it's participation in this years

'NewYork ComicCon'

We are excited to be part of the biggest pop culture even of the East Coast.
These are the participating artists and all the information you need to know about the event.

Strychnnin Gallery and The New English Present:

                  Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Mimi S., Daniel van Nes, Cliff Wallace and Harry Brack

Booth: #1780
Dates: 11th-14th of October, 2012
Location: Javits Center, NYC

We would love to see some fimiliar faces there!

New Show

Opening on September 21st Philippine artist Jon Jaylo will present his newest exhibition Vanishing Folklore showcasing thoughts, impressions and intimate feelings about the culture and heritage of his homeland.

As in many places around the globe the ever-changing and fast-paced environments of modern times and the technological era rarely give room to traditional beliefs, customs and stories which have been passed on for generations. However, the unique history and culture of any given group or place is also an important factor in shaping the lifestyles of future generations. Much like the ancient Philippine saying:
“Ang siyang di lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makararating sa paroroonan“ (Whoever does not look back at a starting point, will not arrive at a destination.)

Jon Jaylo‘s paintings often question the concept of truth in general and the ever enduring, perpetual battle between good and evil. However, he doesn’t just paint and bring random, senseless thoughts of revolution. In fact, he wants the people to learn a certain “moral lesson” after viewing and contemplating on his works. According to the artist, all he wants is to share his radical ideologies in which people would find inspiration and somehow the rekindling of their social awareness.

New Show


a show curated by Diego Knore, Yasha Young and Giovanni Cervi

Italian creativity between past and future: the yesterday’s masterpieces “covered”by today’s talents.

@ the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

Past Forward will open on August 31 2012 at 18:30 and will run ‘till October 6th


2501, Alessandro Bavari, Mattia Biagi, Zaelia Bishop, Lisa Black, The Bounty Killart, Arianna Carossa, Cera, Francesca Dalla Benetta, Dast, Benjamin de Diesbach, Dorian X, El Gato Chimney, Francois Escalmel, Tamara Ferioli, Nancy Fouts, Stanislav Ginzburg, Sandra Hauser, Brian Horton, James Kalinda, Diego Knore + 108, Koes, Lisa Mei Ling Fong + April Mae Hinds, Lucamaleonte, Sara Magni, Bethany Marchman, Miraschi, Doriano Modenini, Daniel van Nes,, Orticanoodles, Manuel Pablo Pace, Sergio Padovani, Thomas Pagani, Virginia Panichi, Giovanni Pasini, Paolo Polloniato, Thomas Raimondi, Rankore, Elena Rapa, Maria Rubinke, Mustafa Sabbagh, Giuliano Sale, Mimi Scholz, Sika, Skawager, Squp, Mattia Trotta, Ufocinque, Fernanda Veron, Raf Veulemans, Benjamin Vierling, Nicol Vizioli, Chris Von Steiner, Kevin Weir, Stefano Zattera

New Show

On August 10th the world‘s most evil, dangerous and depraved characters will reign Strychnin Gallery at the gathering of Villains and Assassins.

Plenty of well-known character designers, creature effects artists, illustrators and CGI specialists will display masterpieces of their exceptionally infamous characters and tell stories about murder, misery and destruction. The show will give insights into the colorful personalities and backgrounds of a variety of fictional evil masterminds, who are the backbone of every fine action story and the fuel of every legendary rivalry.

These characters constantly engage millions of spectators into a love-hate relationship due to their brilliant but twisted minds, their tragic history or supernatural powers and high-tech equipment. All of these iconic figures are best known for their remarkable characteristics and obsessions. While some simply enjoy the thrill of the kill, others are just made to execute orders or even torn between what they think they must do by nature but still despise.

No matter what vicious plans and compulsions some of these malicious creatures have, Strychnin Gallery has invited the most eccentric and compelling villains to be showcased for your pleasure. Come and see them until September 9th.

Exhibiting artists are: Sacha Lees, Ben Templesmith, Toby Cypress, Paul Tobin, Greg Broadmore, Brynn Metheney, Menton 3, Ming Doyle, Jenny Frison, Riley Rossmo, Nathan Fox, Chris Newman, Richard Friend, Alberto Ruiz, Christian Gossett, Shane Pierce, George Pratt, Sho Murase, Christopher Mitten and many more.


New Show

Strychnin Gallery proudly presents an exclusive exhibition and pop-up shop from The Keep A Breast Foundation’s Non Toxic Revolution.

The exhibition brings together a set of limited-edition posters by six artists from Berlin including Seymour, Mimi S., Harry Brack, Christian Rothenhagen, Luisa Catucci and Pisa73. The poster sets will be signed by all artists and there are only 50 sets available for sale on opening night in the pop-up Shop. The NTR exhibition will also include images from photographer Patrick O'Dell, as well as prints by artist Shepard Fairey.

The exhibition will kick off on Thursday, July 5th and pay tribute to NTR‘s mission of informing, educating and inspiring young people to revolt against the dangers of toxic chemicals as well as focusing on prevention as a means to maintaining long-term health and well-being.

The front room exhibition will showcase prints by street-artist, Obey founder and Obama‘s ‘Hope- Campaign‘ designer Shepard Fairey as well as original photography created for NTR by former Thrasher photographer, Vice Magazine‘s photo editor and Epicly Later‘d creator Patrick O‘Dell as well as showing NTR’s award winning animated PSA.

New Show

Get ready, the circus is coming to town - and along with it heaps of curiosities, freaks, clowns, buskers, brawlers, showmen, con men and shockingly entertaining sideshows. The terrific spectacle will be put on by the minds and craft of Doktor A., Skeleton Heart and Seymour on June 8th at Strychnin Gallery.

Known as masters of character design and cherished for their affection for the dark and dodgy, the mysteriously appealing and the fantastically surreal, these artists will showcase works inspired by an old-fashioned emporium of carnivalesque amusement. All three (actually four) artists are well-known for their creepy but enchanting styles as well as storytelling characters and have been highly excited to put their ideas together to create an exclusive group show that will
present an infamous environment of bizzare entertainment.

New Show

With works by Marina Bychkova, Elna and Ekaterina Popova, Virginie Ropars, Eric Van Straaten, Christian Polis and Benoit Polveche and Sakurako Iwanaga, we are thrilled to showcase a great variety of Masterpieces of such an extremely elaborate handicraft.

This who's who of doll makers have spent many months working on the finest, most exquisite materials to transform their visions of flawless beauty into one of a kind artworks.

New Show

Strychnin Gallery proudly presents Miss Van, Mimi S., Marco Mazzoni, Yosuke Ueno and Hisiao Ron Cheng joining forces for their highly anticipated group show titled One of a Kind.
The exhibition, which will open on April 13th, thematizes the strong feminine power combined with a hint of elegance and colorful uniqueness that is reflected in every superheroine on this planet. Embodying surrealist aesthetics and integrating subtle symbolism, these artworks beautifully display and simultaneously toy with characteristics such as innocence and vulnerability as well as strength and determination.

The combined body of works of this group of artists, who have been featured on many book and magazine covers, have exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world and can surely be considered as some of the most inspiring and influential contemporary artists in their fields, will be on display at Strychnin Gallery Berlin until May 6th. Show curated by Yasha Young and guest curated by Julie Kogler.

New Show

Strychnin Gallery and The New English, in cooperation with Gallery Geuer&Breckner, UF6 Projects and Italian curator Giovanni Cervi, proudly present Herzensbrecher, a charity group show in favor of “Ein Herz für Kinder“.

For this exhibition over 50 internationally renowned artists have put their visions, styles and ideas onto hearts manufactured by the British porcelain innovators of The New English.

These one of a kind artworks will be displayed in a traveling exhibition, which will kick off at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on March 16th.

New Show

A collaboration between Giovanni Cervi, Officine dell’Immagine and Strychnin Gallery! A show titled SELVA OBSCURA at Officine dell’Immagine in Milano!
Featuring artists like, David Hochbaum, Raf Veulemans, Michael Page, David Stoupakis, Eric van Straaten, Marcus Poston, Bethany Marchman, Lisa Black, Skeleton Heart, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, SQUP

New Show

Strychnin Gallery kicks off the new year with an event that will enable everybody to look good!

Opening on February 10th, our upcoming group exhibition Les Animaux will display an exquisite selection of hand-made, one-of-a-kind, artworks that can be worn as jewelry and fashion accessories. Heaps of well-known artists quickly got on board with this idea and have put their visions and creativity into timeless pieces that nicely combine fashion and fine art. Based around the theme of Les Animaux (Engl.: animals) these talented creatives came up with a variety of different styles that fit the classic and moderate as well as the modern and extravagant tastes of all the art and fashion lovers out there!

Participating artists are Kristen Ferrell, Julia de Ville, Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets), Lisa Black, Eric van Straaten + Jennifer Hoes, Daniel van Nes, Tamara Ferioli, Snash Jewelry, Harem Royal, Iconchild and many more.

The exhibition will run until March 4th.


Dear Friends,

Another year has passed filled with excitement and magic. We would like to say a special thank you to all our dear friends, loyal supporters and wonderful artists and are looking forward to sharing more amazing adventures with you all next year.

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and wonderful new year.

Yasha Young and Team

Strychnin Gallery will be closed from December 18th 2011 till January 15th 2012

Strychnin Gallery is proud to invite you to the Et Alors? launch party:

Let’s celebrate on Friday, December 9th at 7 p.m. in Strychnin Gallery, Boxhagener Straße 36 - 10245 Berlin. 
You can buy your copy of our new born and toast with us on the first of many more to come. 

Your sincerely,

Yasha Young, Fleur Pierets, Julian P. Boom and Team Strychnin

On the 26th and 27th of november 2011, the artfair Artief celebrates its 10 year anniversary in the Hallezaal, Diest (Belgium). The artfair shows the works of selected Belgian and international artists.

David De Graef  selected together with Miraschi, a number of artists who each in their way, open up worlds. It is in the combination of all those dreamers that gives Artief its special character and that elicits intens reactions.

In 2011 we welcome in particular Yasha Young with Strychnin Gallery from Berlin. Strychnin is for many years now the pioneer of pop surrealism and low brow in Europe. Yasha Young is also the artistic director of the art fair Blooom ‘the creative industries art fair in Cologne. Strychnin Gallery will show the works of Seymour, Kristen Ferrel, Marcus Poston, Alexander Sterzel, David Hochbaum, Mimi S. and Chet Zar, known as a special effects artist for Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Planet of the Apes I & II and for the design of CD cover for Tool.

Other participating artists: David De Graef, Jef Bertels, Marifey, Jo Pirard, Miraschi, Peggy Wouters, Johan Nieuwborg, Marc Janssens, Kelly Demeyer, Marcin Owczarek and many more.

New Show

On November 11th, Strychnin Gallery invites you to join our wonderland of mystical tales visualized by the infamous storytellers Benjamin Vierling, Marcus Poston, Raf Veulemans and Saturno Butto‘.

The exhibition will showcase a series of artworks which inevitably present their beholders with narratives that frequently cause mixed feelings and which are often perceived differently by each individual. In many cases beauty, dismay and curiosity are terms that come up at the same time when the works of these visual storytellers are being discussed.

Benjamin A. Vierling was born in San Francisco and has been studying painting since he could hold a brush. His work utilizes the renaissance technique of mixing egg tempera and oil paints. Specializing in mythical portraits, arcane symbolism, and vanitas themed still lives, his paintings have appeared on numerous book and album covers, including Joanna Newsom's critically acclaimed record, Ys.

Marcus Conrad Poston is a lifelong chronicler of the world around him and he thoroughly enjoys bringing varied objects and images together within handmade boxes for the delight and wonderment of random passers-by. These cabinets address the all-too-human desire to attribute emotional significance to everyday items, creating a narrative that speaks directly to collective memory.

Raf Veulemans is a self-taught artist who uses airbrush in combination with organic materials, acryl, oil, o rhesus+, pencils and ink. The subject of the painting is always part of the work. It can be put in formaldehyde, be covered by resin, stuffed or prepared in Raf's own dramatical way. He has a passion for nature, animals, and also everything surrounding death. In his artistic search, Raf wants to make the perishable eternal.

With sensuality and religion being the main topics of his artworks, the Venetian artist Saturno Butto' frequently takes on provocative and grotesque themes. While drawing on the great period of painting of the 17th century he likes to think of his characters as real persons living between the human world, characterized by “sex and sin” and the spiritual universe, where every soul will find his redemption.

The exhibition will run until December 18th.


STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show


Strychnin Gallery at Art Fair and BLOOOM in Cologne, from the 29th of Ocotber until the 1st of November:

Staatenhaus am Rheinpark
Auenweg 17
50679 Cologne

New Show

Creature Feature

Opening night on October 7th 2011 from 7 pm.

Beginning on October 7th, Strychnin Gallery and its Creature Feature will give you the chance to take a look behind the scenes of some of the most popular and elaborate movie productions of
the last decades.

Around a dozen creative minds from the special effects industry, who helped to create movies such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, X- Men, 300 as well as many other productions, will
exclusively display a selection of their artworks in this international group exhibition.
The participating artists are: The Shiflett Brothers, Cliff Wallace, Jordu Shell, Mackinnon & Saunders, Casey Love, Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Chet Zar, Marina Swindell, Stitches and Glue and Martin Astles.

STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show

Valley of the Dolls

Opening night on September 9th 2011 from 7 pm.

On September 9th four of today‘s most exciting and wellestablished doll-designers will come together at Strychnin Gallery and display their newest creations in the course of our upcoming group show titled Valley of Dolls. Exquisite and precious materials, extremely elaborate handicraft as well as outstanding design concepts result in extraordinaire works that are cherished and sought after all over the world. Renowned for their distinctive styles these artists, influenced by different trends of the art and fashion worlds, constantly interpret and redefine the notion of beauty and thereby create works that enthusiastically strike the eyes of their beholders. The balanced mixture of dark and mysterious, but also elegant and adorable attributes constitute to this twisted beauty that makes these artworks so special and exceptionally well-received by their audience.


Marmite Sue, Eric van Straaten, Virginie Ropars, Elena and Ekaterina Popovy

STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show



Opening night on August 12th 2011 from 7 pm.

Chicks On Powertrips is an Australian Street Culture Magazine, which is exclusively devoted to female artists and has followers all over the world by now.For the upcoming exhibition, titled The C.O.P. Guide to Etiquette, around 30international artists interpreted and visualized ancient etiquette rules for women from the Victorian era.
The list of participating artists include: Mimi S., Camilla d’Errico, Monique Ligons, Helena Kubicka de Bragança, Bethany Marchman, Vero Imbo, Utah, Lady Shove, Jerk, Tika Viker-Bloss, Loni Schick, Maike, Miss Mindy, Anarkia, Sinae, Amanda
Lopez, Sam Rulz, DEB, Toyamoon, Ellen Stagg, Indie, Niagara, TLNY, Bridge, Miss Led, Toofly  and many more.

Keep A Breast Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose agenda is raising awareness of breast cancer as well as educating people about its risks and ultimately its prevention.
Therefore, many female musicians, actresses, artists and other women of high popularity get plaster casts of their torsos done and have them designed by well-known artists in order to help out Keep A Breast Foundation and the good cause. We are proud to present the first Keep A Breast show in Berlin curated by KAB ambassador Yasha Young.
The show includes casts of:Holly Miranda, Kat Von D, Katy Perry, Natalia Avelon, Katherine Moennig, Bonnie McKee, Mimi Le Meaux, Kristen Ferrell, Yasha Young and designs by David Hochbaum, Mimi S., Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Wee Flowers, Lindsey Carr, Lori Field, Bethany Marchman, Christian Rothenhagen & Kristen Ferrell, Sophie Bastien,
Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show



Opening night on July 15th 2011 from 7 pm.

Robots are a phenomenon which everybody is aware of and that is often viewed differently by many people. Today their origin, definition and purpose is widely discussed and not only their construction, technology and application range have drastically evolved, but the design, function and general perception of today‘s robots have changed in many directions.
Nowadays there are robots of any size, made from any material and built for any task imaginable.
Furthermore, they have transformed from being solely tools to often depicted and thematised objects of popular culture as well as being subject and means of expression in the world of arts. Iconic stories and movies such as Terminator, Transformers, RoboCop, The Iron Giant or Walle have displayed the divided perception of robots as friends and humans‘ little helpers as well as a dangerous threat to society. The creations of robot art take, interpret and shape the commonly perceived attributes of and also the views on robots and thereby give them even more meaning and personality. Strychnin Gallery's 'Gentle Giants' will showcase a diverse selection of some of the most influential and innovative creations of robot art done by a well selected group of artists. The exhibition will focus on the gentle, smart, helping and almost human aspects of robots that are enriching our society.
The list of participating artists includes: Michael Salter, Himatic, Doktor A, Mike Libby, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Nemo Gould, John Lytle Wilson, SQUP, Caroline LeBreton, Stefan Fromberger and many more.


STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show



Opening night on June 10th 2011 from 7 pm.


There is a voyeuristic quality to David Hochbaum's most recent body of work. His women seem haunted, lost in indecision, captured at a moment between remembering where they have been and where they must eventually go. They ask us "why" and are more than willing to wait as long as it takes for us to answer.
This subtle, intimate and extremely personal collection of paintings, sculpture and installation, over a year in the making, evokes the austere, 14th century prints of the Japanese Muromachi period (think bold, minimalist brush strokes) while retaining Hochbaum's signature, multilayered textures. Hochbaum's use of multiple materials (photographs, oils, acrylic washes, gold and silver leaf to name a few) add an all too human character to these pieces, uniquely describing
the gauzy, unsure environments his characters inhabit. It is a joy to spend the time needed to search his paintings for hidden meanings and initially hard to notice detail.


STRYCHNIN Gallery Berlin
Boxhagener Straße 36
10245 Berlin

New Show

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