New Show

NEPHELOCOCCYGIA, a solo show by David Hochbaum:

Opening 13th of September 2013 at 7 p.m.

In Aristophanes’ comedy “The Birds,” an imaginary city built in the clouds at the instigation of two Athenians represented both a fantastic caricature of Athens in the poet's day and a sort of Philistine Utopia: full of gross enjoyments, hence, in literary allusion, cloudland- “fools' paradise”.

A fools paradise in the clouds- is that where we’re going when we search the clouds for familiar objects? This action, coined precisely in Aristophanes’ play, is called Nephelococcygia. The two athenians, Pisthetaerus and Eulpides, were fed up with the corruption that governed their city. Hence, they decide to turn into birds in search of a better home. They call this city, “Nephelococcygia”.

With the aid of friends turned birds, they make it their duty to create an ideal, flawless city- “fools paradise”. The city never comes into existence; it remains a fragment of their imagination. The birds are ostraziced as crazy. In german the termn is known as Wolkenkuckucksheim, literally “cloud cuckooland”.

For New York based artist, David Hochbaum, these are the questions he wants to explore through his recent work he did for his solo show at Strychnin Galerie, opening on the 13th of September 2013. Although technology facilates our daily lives and enables us to reach out to others, it seems like with every battle won, we lose two. Is our society in search of a better surroundings- are we in need of a fools paradise?


Strychnin Galerie will be unveiling Marco Mazzoni’s and Saturno Butto’s latest series of works. A beautiful selection of studies, drawings and illustrations. Small in size, big in excecution. This is an opportunity to experience the artists in a different context- behind the scenes, “underneath” the painting.

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