Annie Bertram

Annie Bertram's interest in photography was triggered by visiting a course in perspective drawing and structure at the Hochschule for graphics and book art in Leipzig, Germany.
Annie's photography is an attempt to reveal what most fail to see - thoughts, feelings and destinies. Rather than merely photographing pretty faces, her pictures are an art of profundity and storytelling. Depending on the theme, they're either taken in her photo studio, in extraordinary, often morbid locations, or in mystical nature settings.

Word quickly got around the Goth scene regarding her talent behind the lens. Soon, she received many requests for promo-shootings or CD-Booklet-Artworks for well-known bands like Blutengel, Terminal Choice, Unheilig, Staubkind and Metallspürhunde. She also made a name for herself by her concert-photography and numerous band photo shoots that have been published in magazines such as Orkus, Zillo, or Gothic Beauty among others.
Not long after, the name Annie Bertram became a trademark for ambitious creative art photography. The illustrated book "Die Farbe der Träume" ("The Colour of Dreams"), which was published in the spring of 2004 by Edition 42, marked the highlight of her career.

Annie Bertram, trademark photo art of a unique kind. Her photographic vision is dreamy and emotional, her portrait shots highly original. Reduced to their very essence, they provide insights on the relationship of humans to the world of fiction and vice versa. Her subjects are staged to build new identities: daydreams, desires, fairy tales… yet also nightmares.

A sense of familiarity between people and scenery – a sort of merging, a synergy. Annie’s favorite backdrops are unique and often morbid locations: factories, dilapidated houses and mystic natural sceneries… places that breathe the air of the bizarre, the obsolete or of secrecy. She directs the eye to things that are often overlooked – thoughts, emotions, fate. This intention is amplified by the direct and narrative way the often female protagonists are instructed to look at the camera.

Annie Bertram is working very passionately with people for more than 15 years. She aims for more than just a beautifully photographed face. Annie is looking for the person behind the glamour, for the human being behind the persona. “The all-defining, intimate moment where the model lets me glimpse behind his or her façade is my biggest challenge.”

Numerous publications and exhibitions followed, shootings for artists, bands and fashion brands, as well as video productions. Her second photo book “Wahre Märchen” was awarded “book of the year 2008” and sold-out in no time. At the moment, Annie is busy preparing international exhibitions following the official release of her new book “Obsolete Angels.” She is also working on a new subject. “This is still a secret”, she reveals with a smile.


Gothic Magazine (cover fotos), Orkus, Sonic Seducer, Zillo, Gothic Beauty (US), VIRUS, RIP Magazine (Russia), Dark Beauty Magazine (US), Maxime (GB), Die Welt


Bands: Jonathan Davis (KORN), Maxim (The Prodigy), Unheilig, Blutengel, Diary of Dreams, Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork), The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Fallon, YannB, Terminal Choice, Diorama, Lacrimas Profundere, Scream Silence, Lost Area, Tunes of Dawn, Staubkind, Seelenkrank, Zeritas


Atsuko Kudo (London), BR Jewellery (London/ Maxim The Prodigy)
Elizabeth Parker Hats (UK), Bibian Blue (ES), Plastikhaar (CH), Ukiyo5 (CH),
Vecona (DE), Tolllkirsche (DE), Maskenzauber (DE), Ponymädchen (DE), Marlenes Töchter (DE), V-Couture (DE), Orologisilenziosi (IT), Aderlass (DE)


HR Giger, Giger Museum


2004 Die Farben der Träume
2008 Wahre Märchen
2009 Art that creeps (Sammelwerk)
2010 Obsolete Angels (Special Edition, limitiert)
2011 Obsolete Angels


13.08.-05.09.2010 Berlin (D) Strychnin Gallery The Obsolete Angels / Solo
21.08.2010 Gruyeres (CH) HR Gigermuseum Sommernachtsmärchen
21.05.-24.05.2010 Leipzig (D) Kongresshalle Fantastische Bilderwelten
01.04.-01.05.2010 Saeby (DK) Fantasmus Gallery Quadrant Phantasies/Groupshow
12.02.-11.03.2010 Berlin (D) Strychnin Gallery 7th year anniversary /Group
29.10.2009 Detroit (US) Tangent Gallery Damned Group Show
11.04.-05.09.2010 Gruyeres (CH) HR Gigermuseum Wahre Märchen
06.02.-01.03.2009 Berlin (D) Strychnin Gallery Wahre Märchen
05.09.-19.09.2008 Baden (CH) Villa Boveri Wahre Märchen
14.12.-14.01.2008 London (GB) Strychnin Gallery Groupshow
25.08.-15.09.2006 Baden (CH) Villa Boveri Angels Parfum
14.04.-15.06.2006 Berlin (D) Strychnin Gallery Groupshow
13.05.-16.05.2005 Leipzig (D) AGRA Café Wave-Gotik-Treffen
26.02.-04.2005 Ludwigsburg (D) Provisorium Soloshow Best of

Video productions

Lost Area (DE), Blutengel (DE)