Christian Rothenhagen


That’s how Christian Rothenhagen addresses his native city Berlin. Living there for more than three decades
now he has a lot to tell – via graphic-design, illustration, fine art and art-installations.
Founded in 2004 “deerBLN” serves primarily as an output to distribute his art, his personal perception and
impression of his surroundings.

In 2004 Christian founded “deerBLN” as an output, a medium to distribute his art via shirts or goods that will fit
to his personal signature. The mad limited runs of selected items clearly signalize the importance of his artistic
focus, disregarding all aspects of a typical label.

Christian started his first clothing company back in 1990, named “Feelin’Z”. The intention was to deliver fine
garments to Germany’s skateboarding youth at a time when the market was predominantly flooded with US
American brands. “Feelin’Z” initial range encompassed limited edition runs of T-shirts, pants, shirts, sweat-shirts
and accessories like caps, beanies, and belts.

Feelin’Z was available in 15 selected stores throughout Germany – and represented by a team of renowned

However, within the next years Christian’s interest in art related projects grew constantly. Basically, it grew to
the extent where he finally refrained from “Feelin’Z” in 1998 to pursue artistic life detached from the business
side that got into skateboarding.

From that significant turn on Christian directed his artistic endeavors to illustrations and art-installations.
Several years and exhibitions later he turned into a freelance art director/graphic-designer and illustrator.
Again doing his own label/… “deerBLN” , but now focusing on the artistic content.

Still living in Berlin, and still addressing the city and everybody around.