Lisa Mei Ling Fong

I am an Assemblage Artist. I collect and arrange relics in themed "Introversion Boxes" to create sentimental memorials. Expressing my thoughts of Life in Introversion Boxes gives me a way to appreciate and reflect upon our fleeting existence.

Assemblage artwork has become my favorite mode of storytelling and is derived from a combination of influences. I am mainly a self-taught artisan. I developed a passion for my art by documenting different cultures via photography, painting, journal writing and memento collecting.

I have always been sentimental about places, their history, the human condition, its adversities and subsequent triumphs. Objects become, in effect, vicarious representations of people and places and thus represent their energy.
I frequently travel the world to seek new learning experiences and inspirations to fuel my work.

So far I have traveled to 33 countries. I continue to hone my art skills by working in theatrical properties and set construction across the United States, including being a props master Off Broadway in New York City. My Eerie Art Studio is currently based in San Francisco and I am also working on the aesthetic direction of Virgin America's new home at San Francisco International Airport in Terminal 2, opening April 2011. I am represented by Strychnin Gallery, Berlin/New York City/London.