Marcus Poston

Marcus Conrad Poston is a collector and a storyteller who brings varied objects and images together within handmade boxes. These cabinets of curiosity speak to the all-too-human desire to attribute emotional significance to everyday items: locks, keys, watches,bottles; items that create a narrative that speaks directly to the collective memory.

The boxes that encase this social detritus are often built from wood culled from the streets and rubbish bins of New
York City, his home for the last seven years. One is often tempted to reach out and touch these reliquaries, to personally explore their depths and expose their secrets.

The feeling is not dissimilar to the sneaky thrill one experiences while rooting through a dusty attic or long forgotten junk drawer or while reading someone else’s diary. It is a guilty pleasure - learning about a person through the things they choose to hide away - but it is a pleasure just the same.

Marcus is overwhelmingly grateful, excited and humbled for this opportunity to share his work with you. Despite his lack of formal training, he has been blessed with the guidance and friendship of numerous talented artists, thinkers and vibrantly human individuals for the great majority of his adult years and relies upon their wisdom to inform his art, and life, daily.