Scott Holloway

I am a realist painter utilizing the same materials and techniques employed by Renaissance artists. In addition to painting classical portraits, I explore ideas, develop them conceptually, and incorporate the resulting visions into a thematic series. Currently, my independent work centers on presenting the holy relics of Saints and biblical figures as highly detailed anatomical images. I fuse these images with passages from the Bible and text from treatises on medical dissection. A few series have emerged from my recent artistic explorations.

My Holy Relic series combines symbolism and text with anatomical images carefully selected to reflect a specific Saint's history, qualities, and patronage. For example, unique images of hands visually define the legacy of the apostle Luke, Patron Saint of artists, sculptors, and surgeons.

My Adam series centers on the skull, a timeless symbol of Original Sin. Adam's skull appears at the base of the cross in several classical Crucifixion scenes, juxtaposing mortality and eternal life. In my series, the image is beset by text from the Book of Genesis, enhancing the skull's presence by revealing the life of the man to whom it once belonged.