Ver Mar at the STRYCHNIN Gallery

Ver Mar

When looking to see where the inspiration of her art began, Ver Mar started in her childhood. From home made board games to the drawings inspired by the computer revolution that defined her generation, she began to develop her creativity. Ver dreamed of becoming a fashion designer or creative writer, which ultimately lead to study graphic arts in San Francisco.

In college Ver was able to not only draw upon influences within her school, but more importantly from the active art community in the bay area. She expanded from her specialization in graphic arts to using other mediums: from paper to metal, to everyday objects. Using her experience working with new mediums Ver combined her graphic creativity with the three dimensional world.

As Ver looks to the future she is fascinated by the cinema of Tim Burton, Jan Svankmajer, Jim Henson among others. The concept of stop action films and period pieces where elaborate production design involving lavish costumes, make up and sets have proven to be her new inspiration. She hopes to use this inspiration and her established talent in the art world to explore the world of production design and stop action film. From graphics to sculpture, this artist has created her vision of the future and it will only continue to grow and evolve.